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What is a Data Scientist?

Last night I travelled down a wonderful crypto rabbit hole, of careers and education in the crypto space. to stumble upon the definition of “Data Scientist”, and while I’m not currently in the market for new employment, the career of a Data Scientist has definitely grabbed my attention. It formalizes a lot of the habits and traits that I do naturally and combines them into what I can only assume is a high paying job. Sprinkle in the alignment of Crypto and my goodness, it was midnight before I was able to tear myself away from the screen, and worst of all it was garbage night!

A particular article from caught my attention, specifically job duties and “What’s in a data scientist’s toolbox?” from the toolbox section:

  • Data visualization: the presentation of data in a pictorial or graphical format so it can be easily analyzed.
  • Machine learning: a branch of artificial intelligence based on mathematical algorithms and automation.
  • Deep learning: an area of machine learning research that uses data to model complex abstractions.
  • Pattern recognition: technology that recognizes patterns in data (often used interchangeably with machine learning).
  • Data preparation: the process of converting raw data into another format so it can be more easily consumed.
  • Text analytics: the process of examining unstructured data to glean key business insights.

One section of the duties heading kicked my butt in that I had been meaning to teach myself Python for some time, it was this notion that in fact kick started the rejuvenation of my personal site!


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