Obligatory Welcome

ITDepends will strive to be a definitive source for anyone that is attempting to manage or run a company’s IT department, from the new startup CEO, to the volun-told office manager, all the way to the lone network administrator. This site will provide the basis and foundation to successful IT operations.

The name of the blog “ITDepends” comes from many years of IT consulting in which someone asks question X of their IT infrastructure and receives the eye rolling answer well it depends.

ITDepends will provide the structure to answer the “it depends” response, by educating and clarifying what IT is, and what it should be by drawing on knowledge obtained through my experience with providing consulting to single owner businesses struggling with maintaining an operating laptop all the way up to my work in a multi-national corporation with 100,000+ employees, and every other shop in between.

The bottom line is IT can elevate your business to new heights, but it can also quickly become the necessary evil if it’s not managed and maintained appropriately. So let’s get you and your business organized, and structured for growth.